If you are interested in a pup or available adult, and agree to abide by our policies,
please continue to  our
Thank you.
Bolerame Policies

Please read BEFORE completing  the puppy application.

As we feel responsible for all puppies we have bred,  in the event that the Purchaser
does not wish to keep the puppy can no longer care for it (no matter the issue, age  or amount of time
owned by the Purchaser),  the puppy and it's registration papers (if applicable) MUST be returned to us and
CKC/AKC transfer must be signed over giving us back full ownership.
Under no circumstances is the pup to be sold, given away (even to relatives without our
permission) or surrendered to a shelter.  It MUST be returned to us.  NO exceptions.  
There will be no compensation given.

Understand that having a puppy come into your life is at LEAST a 10 year
commitment.  If you do not have 10 years (or hopefully longer) to devote to this pup and to
have it in your arms when it takes it's last breath, then DO NOT bother completing the puppy
application.  Please read "
How Could You" before going any further.

We offer a general health guarantee with a two year (from birth) life loss from hereditary problems.

All Pet/Companion puppies, regardless of colour, are sold on a Canadian Kennel Club Non
Breeding Agreement and also on a legally binding Spay / Neuter Contract

We require that all puppies sold by us will be indoor dogs and part of their new family environment.

Due to changes to the Nova Scotia Animal Protection Act – Bill 27,
we will no longer be docking tails or removing the dewclaws on our puppies.  
We know that many of the people who are looking for a Boxer puppy are
wanting a docked pup and although we are in disagreement with Bill 27,
we will no longer be able to provide these preventative measures.

We do NOT cull our white puppies.