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All of our pet/companion puppies are sold on a legally binding spay/neuter contract. As a reputable breeder we do not advertise our puppies in the newspapers, we do not sell our puppies to pet stores or puppy mills and we screen all potential buyers for suitability. If you are interested in any of our puppies, you will be required to complete the "puppy questionaire".

While we consider ourselves "white boxer friendly", we would never consider using a white boxer in our breeding program, allow one of our white puppies to be used in any breeding program or use any stud of ours to breed with a white boxer. The white colour in boxers is a recessive gene and besides having possible health risks, does not meet the breed standard. The purpose of any good breeding program, regardless of breed, is to breed TOWARD the breed standard, not AWAY from it.

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Note: Anyone interested in acquiring a puppy from
Bolerame Boxers is required to complete the
"Puppy Questionnaire" in the links below.

We are proud to be members of
the Canadian Kennel Club
the Boxer Club of Canada
and the Alberta Boxer Club


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Please read this important article written by
John T. Connolly, President of the American Boxer Club
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